40 Cute and Simple Summer Nail Ideas

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  • Date: May 7, 2021
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Summer is finally here!  Whether you’re on your way to the beach, or just lounging by the pool, summer always means nail time. Here are some cute and simple summer nail ideas that will make this season even more fun!

Nail design is one of the most simple and chic ways to add some summer flare. Not only will a fresh manicure make your nails look amazing, it will keep them from chipping and cracking which can happen when the sun is emanating!

The most stylish manicure trends for summer are anything with a little shimmer. We love these cute and simple summer nail ideas that have some added glitter, whether it be in the polish color or on top of a base coat!

Another trend we’re loving this season is neon nails. Whether you want to add just one accent finger like this look below, or go all out and do them all – we recommend taking your time to create something gorgeous!

While some women prefer to have their nails done at the salon for a more professional look, there are some easy DIY manicures you can do with just your polish and a little patience!

Below you will find  4+ cute and simple summer nail ideas you can try out this season!

2021’s Summer Trends for Nails

Summer is the perfect season for experimenting with colors, having the confidence to be different, discovering new original styles, and daring to try something new when it comes to nails.

When it comes to doing your nails this summer, experts suggest you should go for glitter, big crystals, marble, degrade, pigment, transfer film,and creative designs.

Sought After Summer Nail Colors

Fashionistas prefer the following nail shades for this summer: white, light gray, powdery pink, red, black, nude, blue, yellow, turquoise, pink, orange, and purple, which is the hue of the year. This summer, multicolored nails are also common.

Ombre manicure is  one of the most sought after nail designs for summer. It is important to combine the summer nail colors with your skin tone. French manicure will always be in style.

Gold on Nails

Golden leaves or gold nail polish are one of the top colors for this summer. Many people lack courage to adopt it, but nothing makes skin more bronze than golden hues.

Gold is an exclusive color which should remind you of both luxurious fashion brands and expensive jewelry.

It is not recommended to wear such a manicure when wearing cotton clothing or silk, as gold is not the best color to mix with these fabrics.

Neon Shades and Glitter Nails

Since 2010, any neon color goes for your nails. Neon colors look great with summer outfits and are often cheaper than other polishes, making them a perfect accessory for the season! These colors can be combined to create different looks on each nail.

It’s not important what color nail polish your wear, but it is imperative that you have glitter in the lacquer.

Hollywood stars love glitter nails and think they are like wearing sophisticated jewelry on each finger when attending red carpet events.

Nail Polish with Metallic Effect

For events that occur in the evening, metallic colors are an excellent choice. You can apply gold, silver or chrome on your nail at its base or all over it and can put a point on each one to vary the way you use your favorite color.

Magnetic nail designs are both elegant and simple to highlight. Magnetic patterns can be made in any direction, but it is best to start with a pattern that consists of two colors side-by-side before moving on to more complicated shapes.

Hollywood Stars Wear Neon Nail Polish

Although you can enjoy a beautiful tan and sexy swimsuit without nail polish, it helps to keep your nails looking polished. Choose from any variety of vibrant colors that suit your summer fashion tastes.

One example is the summer manicures we see throughout Hollywood.  It can involve flat fronts, a pretty solid color or maybe some neon shades that pop.

Cameron Diaz

Coral red and many shades of orange have been popular this summer. Actress Cameron Diaz for example wore a nuanced shade of coral to the beach as well as at any event that she attended. This is one way you can add color to an otherwise black outfit, like in her case here.

Tyra Banks

The supermodel wore a very bold yellow manicure that matched her top. If you want to try this shade, choose a nail polish with lots of pigment so the color is not transparent and your nails will look healthy.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a fan of bold colors, wearing them not only on her nails but also in her makeup and hair. Yellow, electric blue, and electric blue are the colors of choice for the singer.

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson, an American singer, experimented with a neon orange nail polish this summer.


The singer Ciara chose a neon pink nuance for her nails, which were painted with a bright pink nail polish.

Matte Nail Colors for the Summer

When it comes to creating exclusive models on your nails, matte nail polish is particularly useful. Depending on the end result you like, you can mix and match glossy and matte lacquers. When all shines around you, go for a less glam look this summer with light matte shades.

Wear Less Rhinestones on Nails This Summer

In 2021, rhinestones on the nails are becoming trendy.

However, they must now be used with moderation to avoid making the nails seem too loaded. Crystals and pebbles must be added with taste and elegance, without producing an overtly extravagant pattern.

Summer Nail Colors for Everyone

Fashion trends also vary from year to year, and some people may feel out of style because they still like older trends. Fortunately, you can keep your tastes up to date by mixing an old favorite with something fresh and different.

Summer is a great time to show off your nail polish skills with neon colors and glitter. If you want something more subdued, experiment with multiple summer colors or matte shades. For an interesting twist, try the opposite of a French manicure by painting your nails in bright colors on the underside and leaving them clear on top.

You have a plethora of choices. Make a manicure that reflects your own style and tastes using the ideas above. The aim is to create your own color and pattern combination rather than copying what others have done.

Summer is quickly approaching, so start looking for summer nail colors as soon as possible!

  1. Pale pink gel or acrylic nails
Image from Pinterest

2. Baby pink nails with patterns

Image from Nail and Manicure Trends

3. Refreshing nail look with two colors

Image from Crea Diem

4. Combination of three summer nail shades

Image from Pinterest

5. Colors with a gradient of pastel hues

Image from Daily Nail Art

6. For vacation, salmon nails are ideal

Image from Confessions of a Rose

7. Sea foam green on nails

Image from Pinterest

8. Nude nail polishes and golden glitter

Image from Happy Wedd

9. Matte peach nails with accent lines

Image from Ecstasy Coffee

10. Colorful flowers can be used to add interest to your nails

Image from Nail Design Code

11. Ombre nails from orange to punch

Image from Awesome Nail

12. A combo of complementary colors

Image from Lucky Polls

13. Very light blue and glittery accent nails

Image from Pinterest

14. Pastel green long nails

Image from Society 19

15. Shiny purple acrylic nails

Image from Nail and Manicure Trends

16. Nude colors accompany the summer heat 

Image from Be Beauty Life

17. For the sailor in you, navy nails

Image from Pinterest

18. Dark bubble gum nails

Image from Nail and Manicure Trends

19. Elegant pearly white nails

Image from Pinterest

20. Summer nails in a baby blue hue

Image from Pinterest

21. Simple manicure with a pastel shade

Image from Chic Nail Art

22. A very bright sunset on nails

Image from Pinterest

23. Palm trees as popular summer symbols

Image from Nail Design Code

24. Summer interpretation of the French manicure

Image from Pinterest

25. Tenderly hue for short, summer nails 

Image from Pinterest

26. A combo of matte nail polish and glitter 

Image from Pinterest

27. White and colorless minimalist design

Image from BeautyBigBang

28. Lavender nails for a light look

Image from Pinterest

29. Perfect nails painted in one summer color

Image rom Pinterest

30. Light nail lacquer for simple nails

Image from More

31. Lily nails expressing tranquilty and playfulness 

Image from The Lacquer Log

32. Pink nails with stripes and metallic lines

Image from Pinterest

33. Dark pastel nails with a nice shine

Image from Nail Art How To

34. Nail lacquer in a light shade of blue

Image from Pinterest

35. Summer colors gradient on nails

Image from Winkgo

36. Flawless shiny short white nails

Image from Confession of Rose

37. Simple nude nails are always fashionable

Image from Pepe

38. Nails painted like the sea

Image from Fashion Best

39. The kind of yellow nails that make a statement

Image from Sayidaty

40. Glittery half moons on pale pink nails

Image from Weddingomania

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