19 Stylish & Elegant Hairstyle Ideas for Prom

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  • Date: July 27, 2022
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Are you going to prom? If so, then it’s important to know which hairstyle will look best on you. Prom is a special occasion for many people, and those who want to make sure they are looking their best should take the time to find the right hairstyle. We have put together a list of 19 elegant hairstyles that are sure to make you feel like a princess on prom night!

French Side Braid with Voluminous Curls


This hairstyle that is perfect for prom because it creates a romantic look that will make your date feel special. For this style, start by brushing out all of the hair and then teasing just at the crown to add volume. Brush through curls from front to back with fingers until they are full and separated, beginning on one side of head before you braid them together in an elegant French-braid style down past earlobe level. Secure hairspray or clip if needed!

Chain Braid Chignon


This prom hairstyle that is perfect for those who have long hair and want to make a statement. Start by brushing the entire head of hair straight back with fingers, then tease at crown for added volume. Split all hairs into three sections and gather together on one side of your head before you begin braiding them in an elegant chain-braid style, which will result in two long strands when finished. Gather these up at the nape of neck where they meet like a bun or chignon secured with bobby pins; finish off look with loose curls!

Rolled Half Updo with Curls


The rolled half updo with curls is a prom hairstyle that will wow everyone as it’s the perfect mix of glamorous and playful. Make two sections on either side of head, then roll them up towards crown about halfway before securing with bobby pins. After you’ve tucked hair under for security, curl each section separately to create loose waves or free-flowing curls; finish off look by teasing at the back for extra height!

Retro Pinned Back Ringlets


Pinned back ringlets are a prom hairstyle with elegance and vintage charm. Gather hair in loose ponytail, then create two sections on either side of head and pin them behind the ears using bobby pins to hold securely; finish off look by teasing at the nape for extra volume!

Waterfall Braid with Loose Curls


For a prom hairstyle that’s both elegant and playful, try waterfall braids with loose curls. First create deep side part then make two sections on either side of head; braid hair away from face until you reach the back of neck, secure ends underneath itself using clear elastic band before tucking in front for security. After securing with bobby pins near nape, use curling iron to curl each section separately!

Curly, Voluminous Low Bun


This prom hairstyles is perfect for a formal event where you want to show your natural hair texture. Curl sections of dry or damp hair with curling iron, then twist into low bun and secure with bobby pins; finish off look by teasing the nape for volume!

Double Waterfall Braids with Loosely Curled Ends


This hairstyles is perfect if you want to show off your length! Combine two waterfall braids- one larger, one smaller and curl the ends of each braid separately for a bouncy finish.

Fishtail Low Bun with Curls


One option for a prom hairstyle is curly hair that is loosely wrapped and pulled back. Comb hair back into low-bun, then curl the ends of your damp or dry locks separately for natural texture!

Double Braided Romantic Half Updo


This prom hairstyle is perfect for prom-goers who love to show off their natural hair texture. Create a double braid on the side of your head, then loosely curl sections and twist into half bun!

Fancy Faux Hawk: Bun Updos


If you love a good updo, this hairstyle is for you! Use bobby pins to create the perfect faux hawk bun that will have everyone talking.

Voluminous Braided Faux Hawk


For prom season, a voluminous faux hawk is the perfect hairstyle for any girl. To get this look, you’ll need hairspray and bobby pins if needed!

Bohemian Waves Half Updo


To get this hairstyle, you’ll need a curling iron and hairspray! Create bouncy waves by pinning up the top half of your hair in an updo.

Curly Half Updo


If you love to show off your curls, this hairstyle is perfect for you. Use bobby pins to create a curly half updo and finish with hairspray!

Effortless, Luxurious Half Updo


If you love a statement hairstyle that doesn’t require much effort, this is the perfect prom hairstyle for you. To get this look, spritz your hair with hairspray and use bobby pins to create an updo in front of one side.

Halo Braided Updo


This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to show off their gorgeous locks! To get this look, create a halo braid and pin it up in an updo.

Side Swept Loose Braid


A prom hairstyle that’s perfect for a night of dancing! For this look, use small braided sections to create an effortless braid and pin it on one side.

Floral, Wavy Half Updo


For prom hairstyles, it’s all about the details. If you want to add a little intricate detail that will be sure to catch everyone’s eye at prom, try this! Create two braids on either side and tie them together in an updo with bobby pins.

Sweet Side Braid


For the prom hairstyle with a little more detail, try this sweet side braid! This one is perfect because it looks sleek and lovely, but yet still has that element of intricacy.

High Contrast Balayage


The perfect prom hairstyle for when you want to stand out! This high-contrast balayage looks amazing on all hair colors.

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