Lemon Scrub DIY Recipes

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  • Date: March 15, 2021
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Your skin will feel new, glowing, and silky smooth after using a DIY Lemon Scrub. It smells wonderful and is high in antioxidants thanks to the lemons.

These simple DIY recipes are the ideal “handmade” gifts for your friends. Place them in your guest bathroom for a fun “personal touch” for when you have visitors. You would like to save one of them for yourself also! There’s something about fragrant lemons that makes you feel relaxed and refreshed!

1. Green Tea & Lemon Sugar Scrub

2. Homemade Lemon Mint Sugar Scrub

3. Lemon Scrub

4. Rosemary Lemon Body Scrub

5. Lemon & Lavender Hand Scrub

6. Homemade Lemon Sugar Scrub

Why Should I Exfoliate?

Each skincare routine should include exfoliation. You would be amazed at how effective this product is for unclogging pores, promoting healthy, rapid cell turnover, balancing our oil production, purifying the pores of toxins and dirt, and smoothing skin if you have never done it (with the right exfoliation, one that really does something – not the usual cream with a few seeds or synthetic molecules thrown in to the mix but a real scrub).

Make DIY Gifts for Family and Friends

Create a huge batch of DIY body scrub as a gift for birthdays, holidays, new neighbors, or even coworkers. Fill 12 pint-sized Mason jars with your DIY Body Salt Scrub, then tie a cute ribbon around each container. And that’s it! In less than 30 minutes, you can make 12 DIY gifts.

What’s The Difference Between Salt and Sugar Scrubs?

Sugar scrubs are softer than salt scrubs because the granules are circular and have no tendency to “cut” the skin. It’s a much safer option for those with delicate skin, and it’s the only option for the face. Sugar granules are less abrasive than salt scrubs and melt more quickly in hot water. Sugar scrubs are less drying than salt scrubs, but they don’t have the same mineral advantages. So, all sugar and salt have a spot!

How Long Does DIY Salt Scrub Last?

Keep the scrub in a calm, dry spot, like a bathroom cabinet. The scrub will last one to two years without going rancid because salt is a preservative. While sugar is a preservative, a sugar-based scrub only lasts a few months.

Top Tips for DIY Body Salt Scrub

  • Make use of organic oils. The skin is a particularly sensitive organ in humans. The last thing you want is for your pores to get clogged. The easiest way to prevent bad breakouts and rashes is to use organic oils.
  • Take it for a test drive before offering it as a gift. Switch on the water and see if the fragrance, scrub, and moisturizing benefits of your home-made gem satisfy you.
  • Body scrubs are usually kept in humid environments. Make sure the logos and stickers are waterproof so they don’t peel off and ruin the look of your gift.
  • Purchase in bulk. Measure out how much of each ingredient you’ll need and prepare accordingly. Making homemade scrubs for holiday presents is a perfect way to save money, but finding leftover ingredients can be a loss.

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